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Donations with crypto currencies for example flow into our education project for girls in Uganda.


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Help children in Uganda with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Nano.

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Your donation gives girls in Uganda a chance!

At the moment SOS Children’s Villages is helping 2.473 girls in Uganda with school education. But the need is much bigger. Help us to enable school education for more girls.

Ein gebildetes Mädchen ist eine gebildete Familie

Vickie, unsere Kollegin aus Uganda, hat uns eine kurze Nachricht geschickt, warum sie es wichtig findet, dass auch Mädchen in die Schule gehen. Wir wollen 200 Mädchen in Uganda helfen, dass sie die Schule besuchen können.

Posted by SOS-Kinderdorf on Dienstag, 5. Juli 2018

1 out of 4 children finishes primary school. Many parents are not able to finance the costs for higher education and their children need to stay at home.

Young girls are often excluded from school education. Families don't have enough money and in case of doubt boys are allowed to go to school.

1 Bitcoin enables 50 girls to attend a school for a whole year. Your donation finances school fees, books, school uniforms etc.

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FAQs: Donations with crypto currencies

On this page you have the possibility to support projects from SOS Children's Villages for children in need with cryptocurrencies. Copy the adress of our Bitcoin-, Ethereum- or Ripple-Wallet by clicking (copy adress) or use a QR-code reader on your mobile phone and transfer your chosen amount to our account.

Attention: Please make sure to transfer the correct currency and the right adress. Wrong transfers could be lost forever and we are not able to transfer any donated currencies back. Thank you.

The exchange from cryptocurrency to euro is handled with our cooperation partner Bitpanda, who are supporting us with feeless exchanging. Therefore your cryptocurrency donations are reaching children in need with their full extent. We exchange the donated coins weekly if the sum of donations exceeds € 50,00.


Bitpanda GmbH is an austrian fintech start-up enterprise, which specialized itself in buying and selling bitcoin and other digital currencies. In the last years Bitpanda became Europe's favorite exchange platform for digital currencies that offers Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin for more than 850.000 users.

Crypto tokens are establishing themselves right now as alternative payment options. The amount of stores and businesses, who accept crypto currencies, is slowly rising. Vice versa the acceptance of users is also rising and we want to give them an additional option to support children in need.

For a non-profit organization transparency is a huge strategic goal. Crypto currencies and blockchain technology are great tools to support this ambition. Our wallets with all in and outgoing transactions are completely transparent to our stakeholders. Eventually in the future, thanks to blockchain technologies, donors are able to track where the transactions are flowing to and for which projects they are used.

Transferring crypto tokens to other countries within minutes and only little fees is also a huge topic for future use cases in the non-profit world. With more businesses accepting crypto currencies we could save exchanging costs into other fiat currencies as well.

With crypto currencies we are offering our donors a possibility to donate anonymously. We are not sending any letters or e-mails to crypto currency donators and we can use saved resources for other projects.


We are using a hardware wallet to secure the donated cryptocurrencies. In times of increasing digital attacks this is an important measure to take care of our donations in a very responsible way. In addition we are regularly exchanging (at least twice a month) the donated coins back to euro. This measure makes us a less attractive target for digital attacks and it assures our donors that we are not speculating with their investments.


If you want to donate a cryptocurrency that’s not listed above, please write us an e-mail. We can quickly enable more relevant currencies and install wallets for them.

You can transfer all ERC-20 tokens into our ethereum wallet. You can find a list of those currencies here.


No. At the moment donations with crypto currencies are seen as supply donations and are not tax deductible in Austria.

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