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In Nepal, approximately 44% of women and 23% of men have never attended school. Around 57,000 girls and 35,000 boys of primary school age do not go to school.

This must change!

Support Education for Youth in Nepal!

Children growing up in the SOS Children's Village Nepal continue to receive support from SOS Children's Village even as teenagers. They are gradually guided towards independence, receive vocational training, and are supported with living expenses during their training period.

The youth choose their professions in consultation with their caregivers, focusing primarily on their own interests and abilities, educational opportunities, and future prospects. In the field of IT, there are several colleges that offer good prospects after graduation.

140 Euro 

Basic computer course for SOS Children's Village Mothers in an SOS Children's village in Nepal

6.600 Euro 

3-Year training program for a youth to become an IT specialist, including education and living expenses

66.000 Euro

3-Year training program for 10 youths to become IT Specialists, including education and living expenses

To be prepared for the modern world, the SOS Children's Villages in Nepal have been equipped with laptops. SOS Children's Village mothers receive basic computer courses, enabling them to perform some of their daily tasks on the computer. Meanwhile, children also learn how to use computers in a playful manner.

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