Fanny Posselt and her hotdog stand make a difference!

World´s most travelled hotdog stand and the inventor Fanny Posselt  

As a final thesis at the Kaospilot (3-year education in creative leadership and business) Fanny Posselt gets the idea to take a Danish hotdog stand on well deserved vacation in Europe to support neglected children wards at Skejby Hospital, Denmark. The project is a great success and despite debt and no experience in this field Fanny Posselt invests in a hotdog stand with the dream to inspire and create positive social change to some of the most neglected kids in the world. Without knowing it she becomes a social entrepreneurship.  

"We support SOS because we believe in and admire their work helping children from war-torn countries."

Countries visited since 2003:

Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, USA, China, Japan, South Africa, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, India, Greenland and Australia.
Fanny and her hotdog stand in Kalahari desert

Fanny has handed out approx. 59,874 hotdogs for free on five continents and tons of people around the world have been inspired and co‐invested in social change. Among other activities they have supported kids with arthritis, built an orphanage in China, established micro businesses in South Africa and India through start up capital and skills training. They have kick started new activities in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland to increase life quality of kids and youth.

In 2015 they supported The Alannah and Madeline Foundation in Australia supporting their efforts protecting kids from violence and in Liechtenstein an throughout the year they have collected money for microbusinesses in India. Also locally in Denmark they support causes such as the homeless.  

Recipient of

Network for female business leaders Inspiration Award 2009 Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Project 2010 Recorded in the Women's Blue Book, Denmark 2011/12.
Kids from Xi'an (China)


Ambassador to the organization Morning Tears, China and Denmark since 2009 Member of Advisory Board at the technical school Codep ITI, India (education for the poorest, 2012--‐2015)  

Book publication

The world's most travelled hot dog stand - a story on social entrepreneurship publishedas part of regional development, “More Entrepreneurship in Education”, by Aarhus Entrepreneurship Centre, Aarhus University, 2010.  

Game publication

Hotdog Heroes. Game for smart phones and tablets published April 2016 based on the story of the World´s most travelled Hotdog stand.  


Fanny Posselt,

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