Fanny und ihr Hotdg stand


World´s most travelled Hotdog Stand to support unaccompanied minor refugees!

Join in and donate for refugee children in need!

During Formula 1 races Fanny`s world`s most travelled hotdog stand will share free hotdogs at several events to support SOS Children´s Villages. Various racing drivers have joined our efforts and when possible, they will help us hand out hotdogs. Please see the live transmission on Facebook.

The focus is to support unaccompanied minor refugees! The term "unaccompanied minor refugee" means, children and youth without their parents or relatives. They are helpless, unprotected and lost. The main objective of SOS Children`s Villages Austria is to provide family and community‐base care in SOS families and SOS youth facilities. To do so for the unaccompanied minor refugees donations are needed. The world`s most travelled hotdog stand will support this objective – Join in and donate!

A save home for children in need

Austria is currently facing a huge challenge. A tremendous amount of refugees from Syria and many other countries arrive in Austria every day. In 2015 there were an estimated number of 8.500 unaccompanied minor refugees registered in Austria (approximately 580 children were under the age of 14 years). Currently SOS Children`s Villages Austria hosts 286 unaccompanied minor refugees in several SOS families and youth facilities. From summer 2015 up until today 11 new SOS facilities for refugee children were founded, all over Austria. It can be expected that the numbers will rise until the year 2017!

Stops of the Hotdog Stand during F1:

Belgium 26-28 August 2016
Italy 02-04 September 2016
Austria 30-02 July 2017
Hungary tba

In 2017 the wolrd's most travelled Hotdog stand will visit two SOS Children's Villages in Austria with the intention to create a cozy, inspiring and unique experience to the kids.

Every donation counts!

Please support us with your donation! You help SOS Children`s Villages to give a new and save home to children who had to leave their families because of war in in their home countries!

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